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Guest Blog: Alan Wagstaff: Caring about learning

437 562 Stuart O'Brien

Parents of young children connect strongly with their kids’ schooling. You’ve probably noticed this. They’re wide-eyed about plays, excited at sporting events and festivals, and attend parent-teacher sessions religiously. Maybe…

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ISE launches new tech trays for schools

709 709 Stuart O'Brien

New scientific technology designed to fit within standard school trays will offer reduced cost and improved convenience. Developed by Irwin Science Education (ISE), one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of…

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1.8m primary age children are sexting, says new study

960 640 Stuart O'Brien

Over a quarter of British children between the ages of six and 11 have sent explicit pictures online, according to new research. The study by mobile phone insurance firm…

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Mobile literacy project is ‘changing lives’

1024 579 Stuart O'Brien

Literacy project Curious Learning plans to teach 100 million children to read fluently by 2025 with the use of mobile technology. Developed by leading researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of…

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Teaching shortage ‘crippling’ as support staff stand in

960 642 Stuart O'Brien

School support staff are having to stand in for more and more qualified teachers each year, according to a new survey. The study found 78 per cent of school staff…

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Industry Spotlight: Slater Heelis Part Four: The grand opening

800 450 Stuart O'Brien

Over the past few weeks, Nicky Collins, Partner at Slater Heelis LLP has been guiding us through the process of converting to an Academy. In this final post, we look…

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Forum Insight: 10 ways to succeed at a Networking Event

150 150 Stuart O'Brien

Walking into a meeting room full of people you don’t know can be a scary experience. But there are proven ways to conquer this fear and make ‘networking’ enjoyable, useful…

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Forum Insight: What to expect from our Forums this year

1024 683 Stuart O'Brien

Starting off 2017 as we mean to go on, this year’s first forum ended last week, with people from across the globe booking in to the Radisson Blu Hotel for…

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Teachers facing a ‘crisis on a global scale’

1024 631 Stuart O'Brien

‘Digital trailblazers’ were assembled to discuss the future of EdTech, leading to the topic of what tasks could be replaced by robots. Hosted by Canvas during BETT, the roundtable event…

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Guest Blog: Dughall McCormick: What does it mean to be (digitally) literate?

1024 623 Stuart O'Brien

Being literate nowadays isn’t just about being able to write a story, poem, letter or even email. It is about much more than that. Young people will be leaving education…

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