• Teaching shortage ‘crippling’ as support staff stand in

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    School support staff are having to stand in for more and more qualified teachers each year, according to a new survey.

    The study found 78 per cent of school staff have had to cover for teachers on top of their existing responsibilities.

    There has been a 14 per cent increase of school staff taking on the demands of teachers year on year, as the national fears of a teaching shortage become more prominent.

    “At a time when budget cuts and talent shortages are close to crippling the education sector, it is no surprise that schools are calling on teaching assistants and librarians to ensure that classes are covered,” said Baljunder Kuller, managing director at the Supply Register.

    England schools often spend over £800 million annually on supply staff, an effort that is “simply too expensive to replace staff who leave by hiring short-term supply teachers.”

    These concerns have been shared by many professionals across the world, as teachers are turning to technology in an attempt to solve the global shortage crisis.


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