• 1.8m primary age children are sexting, says new study

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    Over a quarter of British children between the ages of six and 11 have sent explicit pictures online, according to new research.

    The study by mobile phone insurance firm Row.co.uk revealed girls were more likely to be caught sexting, with one in six sending the messages compared to one in twenty boys.

    However, around two in three parents claim they’re not worried about the dangers children could be facing online.

    Parents on average believe they need to address online security by the time their child turns nine, but the research suggests that one in six have already been been exposed to harmful or dangerous content by then.

    “The internet is an incredible force for good but when it was created, it was not designed with children in mind,” Children’s Commissioner Anne Longfield said in a statement for Safer Internet Day. “We need to rethink the way we prepare children for the digital world and promote their safe, responsible and positive use of digital platforms.”

    The Commissioner has previously stated that children should be taught a compulsory digital citizenship test to prepare younger generations for the digital age.

    “The internet has become ingrained in every aspect of children’s lives.  We need to ensure that they benefit from its opportunities safely.”


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