• New SMART board to bring iQ to the classroom

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    Leading school board producer, SMART, has launched three new display lines aimed at streamlining the teaching experience.

    The new SMART boards, the 7000, 6000 and 2000 series are looking to improve on the popular formula, with the introduction of collaboration software, iQ.

    The software allows for users to integrate their personal devices to interact with the displays, meaning users could control their SMART boards through their phones or web browsers.


    Along with more accurate writing performance for the touch-screen whiteboards, and hopes of making iQ a ‘central hub’ for learning resources, their newest basic model will present the first non-touch display to be integrated with wireless screen sharing.

    The new display allows up to four users to write side by side with different pen colours and 4K Ultra HD resolution capabilites in 75 and 86 inch panel sizes.

    “Our new range of SMART solutions and software are designed to deliver a more immersive learning experience for the whole class,” said Warren Barkley, chief technology officer at SMART Technologies, “It helps students discover and develop their unique potential.”

    The SMART range is reportedly being used by almost 70 million teachers world wide, and the company hopes that a more collaborative classroom will lead to a greater understanding of lessons as teachers can communicate easier with their students.

    “Collaborative learning is important in today’s digital classroom,” continued Mr Barkley, “It teaches students important life skills such as collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking.”


    For more information, you can visit https://home.smarttech.com/



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