• LEGO uses free content to get teachers embracing computers

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    LEGO Education is encouraging teachers to get hands-on with technology in the hope that it will revolutionise science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) lessons.

    Using WeDo 2.0, their latest resource for Key Stage 2, LEGO Education wants to teach computing in the context of science using a visual coding platform and the classic LEGO brick.

    Claiming to be both hands-on and ‘minds-on’, utilising scientific models, motors and sensors, the aim is to get the conversation directed at what they believe to be an underrepresented industry.

    LEGO Education’s resources capitalise on the instantly recognisable lego brick in order to encourage creative and playful exploration of subjects.

    “In the UK and across Europe, we’re in desperate need of STEM professionals, but in schools, these subjects can be deemed “boring” and “difficult” by students,” says Simon Davenport from LEGO Education, “we want to inspire young people to engage with STEM by showing them just how exciting it can be and how their ideas could revolutionise the world!”

    All their digital content is now available online free of charge for teachers, including extension projects and curriculum packs for WeDo 2.0, with more computing projects coming soon.


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