• Half of students think tracking habits would improve grades

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    Most students believe they would achieve better grades if their lecturers could track their study habits online, new research shows.

    The University of the Future report by digital learning platform, Kortext, also revealed 91% of students would be happy for universities to use analytics to track their weekly progress in order to help earn higher grades.

    Three quarters of those who took part in the study admitted that if unis monitored study habits more closely, it could potentially lead to a less students dropping out. 47% also predicted their grade results would improve if lecturers were able to observe study behaviour online.

    As students believed their universities should be more ‘plugged in’, 60% expected to see an improvement in academic performance if given access to textbooks and course materials online.

    While the world becomes more connected, and many students sharing their personal data online for a number of reasons, Kortext is concerned that universities aren’t doing all they can to reach their students’ full potential.

    “Universities have access to data which can be used to track their students’ performance, as well as wider learning trends. Our research shows that students want universities to use analytics to help them achieve better grades,” according to James Gray, founder and CEO of Kortext, who said “Technology can enable lecturers to support students through their learning and help to spot anyone who may be struggling with their studies before they reach the point of failing exams or even dropping-out.”


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