• INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Integrate your security management for a safer campus with AIT

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    Access control, CCTV and intruder alarms have been available for a long time as individual solutions helping protect property and people. Only recently has it become possible to integrate them.

    They can now sit on a network connected by a computer/PC allowing you to capture video or a still image at the exact time someone tries to gain entry or an alarm is triggered. With integration, the access attempt and corresponding footage or image can be linked together, allowing you, from one interface, to easily view footage related to any access attempt.

    Using a single platform to manage access control, cameras and alarm systems not only saves time, but simplifies the management of your security solution, meaning your campus, and the people and assets will be safer.

    Advancements in technology allow these solutions to be managed remotely via a web browser or mobile app. Whether you’re controlling access to doors, watching live or recorded footage or arming/ disarming alarms, you can manage building security easily from anywhere, whether you are on the move or from the comfort of your office.

    Utilising the latest technologies will increase the security of your campus whilst also reducing the time required to effectively manage and monitor the system. It’s also good to know that existing products can often be integrated helping protect previous investments.

    Here at AIT, we understand each organisation’s requirements are different which is why we have given ourselves the flexibility of working with a range of products and solutions giving you a system which a 100% right for your university or college rather than one which is loosely catered for the millions of organisations out there




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