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    By InVentry

    Here at InVentry, we understand that security is of the highest importance for all schools. Making sure pupils and staff as safe on-site, is essential.

    InVentry have developed many features to help schools improve their safeguarding and ensure that everyone on-site is safe and accounted for.

    • Know who is on-site at any given time
    • Receive notifications about expired DBS checks
    • Give visitors and contractors easily identifiable badges to wear on-site
    • Keep track of all pupils, visitors and staff on-site to keep evacuation records up to date
    • Send visitors pre-booked invitations so you know who is coming on-site and when
    • Allow hosts to only allow visitors into the building when it is safe to do so
    • Disallow old staff members and personnel to sign in if they no longer work for the school

    InVentry isn’t just a visitor management system, it’s a system that puts your security first. Want to know more? Visit InVentry @ https://bit.ly/2QS7ppC


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