• INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: LapSafe charging & storage solutions

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    For over twenty years LapSafe® have been providing charging and storage solutions to schools, colleges, and universities. Today thousands of students around the world use LapSafe® products every day to borrow laptops, tablets, and other devices from the most intelligent and sophisticated lockers on the market.

    However, sometimes simplicity is key. When Great Abington Primary School approached us looking for a streamlined solution to store and charge 80 new Chromebooks they needed something secure, compact, and fully connected – but most importantly, it had to be simple enough for their youngest students to use easily.

    Their ideal solution came from our education favourite, the ClassBuddy™ range – The Locker32 is our most compact charging cabinet. With space for 32 Chromebooks, tablets or small laptops, the unit provides an all-in-one solution for storage, charging and updating devices. The Locker 32 provided them with optional data transfer, simple device management, ultra-safe charging, and power management.

    The Lockers have certainly been a success, as Headteacher Guy Underwood says “I often saw things that may have worked with compromise, but when I saw the ClassBuddy™ Locker32 I instantly thought yes, that’s the one! – The lockers maximise the use of our space and the colour coding makes it simple for different years and classes to identify which locker to go to. The teachers have keys and open the lockers at the start of the day. The children are excellent at getting them out and placing them back in and connecting them back up to charge again.”

    Read the full case study and find out more about the ClassBuddy™ range go to lapsafe.com.

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