• Turning net zero goals into action

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    By Centrica Business Solutions

    With rising energy prices and tightly stretched resources and budgets across the education sector, turning net zero goals into action is challenging. But low-cost energy insights technologies are delivering dramatic cost and carbon savings for the sector.

    50% energy saving for college

    We used our Internet of Things (IoT) energy insights technologies to underpin a high impact energy efficiency upgrade at Dublin’s Marino College. This is delivering carbon savings of 50% and improved comfort levels, while simplifying annual energy reporting.

    The College’s facilities team gained full visibility of how, when and where energy was being used across the estate. This highlighted new opportunities to remove hidden energy waste and raise energy performance via targeted lighting and heating upgrades and improved insulation.

    The IoT technology works by using wireless, clip on sensors to collect energy data from critical equipment, such as lighting circuits, HVAC systems, etc.  This intelligence is then relayed to our energy management platform, which provides visibility of energy performance, at the required level of detail.

    Data intelligence yields £17.6k return

    Our smart energy insight sensors have also delivered impressive returns for another education provider to generate cost savings of £17.6K per year via wide-reaching efficiencies.

    Many universities, colleges and schools have already capitalised on ‘quick-win’ energy efficiency opportunities, but advanced energy analytics enable them to drive further efficiencies.

    Funding for complex energy upgrades

    For those who want to think big and tackle more difficult integrated decarbonisation projects across power, heat and transport, lack of funding and management time isn’t an issue.

    Advanced energy technologies that can fast track energy sustainability provide such strong and predictable returns on investment that we can fund projects with zero capital expenditure via a performance-based operating cost model.

    For example, our Energy as a Service option enables education providers to implement multi-measure energy infrastructure upgrades with zero  upfront capital expenditure –  removing risk, time and financial pressures.

    See how Centrica Business Solutions can help you realise your pathway to net zero:  https://www.centricabusinesssolutions.com/your-business/business-challenges/realise-your-pathway-to-net-zero

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