• SEMINAR: The switch to evidence-based education

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    The Education Media Centre (EMC) is hosting a half day seminar looking at the switch to evidence-based education and its impact on schools, universities and their suppliers.

    The masterclass seminar is taking place at the HQ of the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA) on Friday, September 15th 2017, priced at £225 (£195 for BESA members).

    It will address the world lead the UK is taking in using evidence to inform government policy and practice across schools, colleges and universities and the impact that is having on the ground.

    The premise is that to continue to be successful, education businesses need to understand this new evidence-based culture.

    Hosting the seminar are Fran Abrams and Wendy Berliner, Co-Chief Executives of the Education Media Centre.

    Fran has previously been education correspondent of the Sunday Times, the Sunday Telegraph and the Independent. For 15 years she was also part of the reporting team on BBC Radio 4’s File on 4.

    Wendy is a former editor of the Times Educational Supplement and former head of editorial for the Guardian’s online professional networks.

    EMC is an independent charity set up to improve public and media understanding of education research and evidence. It is staffed by highly experienced education journalists who work with the media and education academics daily.

    BESA is the trade body covering the entire UK educational suppliers sector. It operates on a not-for-profit basis, and is accountable to an Executive Council that is elected by member companies.


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