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    The latest educational analysis conducted by SchoolDash has revealed that students from poorer backgrounds are under-represented across an array of school types, such as; single-sex secondary schools and grammar schools, schools rated as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted, and non-Christian and Roman Catholic schools.

    As well as focusing on the types of schools that are either enabling or hindering opportunities for poorer-background students, the analysis also acknowledges the substantial number of children in England living in ‘relative poverty’: it’s not uncommon in some areas for half or more children to be eligible for free school meals.

    Founder of SchoolDash, Timo Hannay, said: “A high-quality education ought to give each of us the opportunity to live a fulfilling life limited only by our own talents and efforts rather than by the circumstances of our birth. Or so the theory goes. The data presented here suggest that the ‘postcode lottery’ is far from the only effect keeping poorer children out of good schools: even those poorer children who do live close to a high-performing school are less likely to end up going there.”

    Furthermore, the analysis found more ‘affluent’ families generally live closer to schools; however, this varies due to the type of school. A family living next to a school rated ‘Inadequate’ by Ofsted is over 60 per cent more likely to be poor.


    Read the full analysis here


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