• New white paper helps employers foster safe and productive homeworkers

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    iHASCO, a market-leading provider of workplace eLearning, has released a free white paper to help support organisations with Health & Safety, compliance and productivity for homeworkers. It is free to download from the iHASCO​ website.

    With many organisations used to operating from offices across the UK and having the luxury of time to implement strategies and carefully plan any big projects, being thrown into homeworking has been tough. It has brought up many questions, including those of logistics and feasibility in order to ensure business operations can continue. In some cases, a huge deal of adaptation is required but if an organisation has any employees working from home they still have a number of Health & Safety, HR & compliance considerations to assess.

    “We wanted to pool our knowledge to the benefit of all those organisations being thrown into homeworking at present” says Will Davies, Marketing Manager at iHASCO. “Here at iHASCO, we are lucky to have the expertise and knowledge to continue to run operations and support our staff. We wanted to help other businesses that may be struggling to achieve smooth homeworking operations.”

    The white paper touches on the importance and requirements of general health and safety for homeworkers, such as fire awareness and correct DSE (Display Screen Equipment) set up, along with:

    • ●  The benefits of home working
    • ●  GDPR, Cyber Security and other compliance implications
    • ●  Practical tips for homeworkers to remain effective and productive
    • ●  The best forms of communication when homeworking
    • ●  Free working from home resources
    • ●  A working from home checklist

    You can download the white paper here.


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