• How to get your employees back to work safely and smoothly

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    iHASCO, a market-leading provider of Health & Safety, HR and Compliance eLearning, are currently adding a number of online programmes to their course library to help organisations get their employees back into the workplace as safely and smoothly as possible.

    “Covid-19 has resulted in a hugely challenging time for businesses for a number of reasons, and as steps are taken to exit lockdown the return to work process will provide employers with even further challenges” says Alex Morris, Director at iHASCO. “iHASCO have created a returning to work essentials training bundle which will assist employers with helping their staff return to work with confidence and reassurance that their health and safety is taken seriously, which will play a major role in resuming safe operations.”

    Among the titles to be released is ​Returning to Work after COVID-19 Training​, a course that focuses on easing an employee’s transition back to work in light of Coronavirus. It will cover important aspects of the return to work process, such as risk assessments, team communication and handling anxiety in connection to Covid-19. It also provides an insight as to what an employee can expect on their first few days and weeks back at work to help them adjust.

    A ​Resilience Training​ course will also be available, which will provide employees with practical techniques to build resilience and deal with challenging situations. This is a crucial skill in times of adversity and empowering the employee to regain focus, control, and perspective will help with a smooth transition back to the workplace.

    These two courses will come as part of iHASCO’s ​Returning to Work Essentials Bundle​, along with other important titles such as DSE Training, Fire Awareness Training, Infection Prevention & Control and Mental Health Awareness Training.

    Employers are also being encouraged to take advantage of iHASCO’s ​free Risk Assessment Tool​ to conduct a Coronavirus Risk Assessment – which will be crucial upon planning a return to the workplace.

    Due to the uncertainty of the weeks and months ahead, a clear and careful plan to reopen a workplace is required to ensure the safety of employees and any visitors to its site. This, together with online training for employees, can provide a solid foundation to get a business focussed and navigate the challenges it faces.

    Organisations that feel these new courses could benefit them should ​register their interest​ through the iHASCO website.


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