• INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Metering powers energy efficiency

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    Buildings consuming too much electricity are the slow silent financial drains that are often overlooked.

    Commercial premises are regularly the biggest culprits of excess energy spend, however with careful monitoring and efficient metering these losses can be reversed.

    Justin Vroone, Commercial Director at IMServ, one of the UK’s leading Energy Data Collection and Meter Operations service providers, explains:

    “Many don’t realise that metering data from electricity, gas and water consumption can quickly deliver actionable real-time energy insights. Metering data is a crucial piece of the energy management jigsaw that a business needs to make and create a more energy efficient building that will, by default improve equipment performance and reduce ever-increasing energy costs.

    “Our experienced team at IMServ, can install and maintain a variety of electricity, gas, water AMR and sub-meters.  Helping to solve energy waste problems and provide access to data intelligence on how, when and where energy is being sapped.”

    IMServ’s data collection service is supported by an easy to use cloud-based software platform (Resource Advisor). This works by showcasing full meter data visibility through interactive graphs, extensive reporting functionality and utilities cost and efficiency targeting.

    The power of the software lies in its analytical framework that enables it to turn large amounts of metering data into an unlimited number of powerful visual reports and graphs.

    “Metering data is at the heart of energy efficiency and cost reduction and the ability to easily see and understand that data through the interactive Resource Advisor software platform is key to any energy reduction strategy.

    “We help to put power in the hands of our customers, giving businesses access to metered data intelligence to enable them to make positive changes to their building and deliver tangible energy and cost savings to the bottom line.”


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