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    Launched in 2014 and originating from Sweden, DigiExam‘s digital assessment, exam and grading solution is used and widely favoured in more than 1,000 schools and universities across 50 countries, including: the USA, Australia, Canada, Russia, Finland, Israel and, since launching in the UK within the last month, institutions here can benefit from the multi-functional and cost effective tool.

    Promised to be a resource where all data is continuously saved and protected to avoid any loss, teachers and lecturers can choose to grade per student or per question, co-grade questions or whole exams and grade anonymously. An intuitive annotation tool can be used for text-based answers or auto-correction used for multiple choice questions.

    The provider that more than 130,000 students have used DigiExam; with more than 300,000 digital assessments and exams having taken place and 11 per cent of all of Sweden’s educational tests conducted via the software-as-a-service (Saas) offering.

    Head of global expansion at DigiExam, Gustaf Nordbäck, says: “With UK primary teachers working on average 59 hours a week and secondary teachers 56 hours a week, should we not be embracing digitised assessment and grading technology to help them enjoy a better work-life balance; and to set them free to focus on what they are really there to do – to inspire, motivate and guide the students through their learning?”

    This year, DigiExam secured a $3.5 million Series A funding from a syndicate of tech entrepreneurs and investors from Europe and Asia, including Joen Bonnier, the owner of the largest media  groups in Sweden and, further adding to its substantial collection of industry awards, the company was recently awarded the EdTechXGlobal All Stars Award at the EdTechXEurope show in June.


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