• CASE STUDY: Keeping staff and students safe – how to alert effectively in times of crisis

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    Macquarie University

    Sydney’s Macquarie University brings together 40,000 students and 3000 staff. With thousands of people on campus at any one time, security is one of the top priorities for this leading institution.

    In addition to a neighbouring business park and train station, the university borders a major shopping precinct and motorway, heightening the challenge.

    John Durbridge Campus Security Manager, Property, says: “We wanted to be crisis-ready and have a robust mass notification system in place.”

    The university didn’t want to ask people to carry an extra device, so a key requirement was to find an easy-to-deploy solution that would integrate with what staff and students already had in their hands – mobiles and laptops.

    Durbrudge says: “Knowing that the AtHoc solution we have in place is used by US and Australian Defence Forces gives us peace of mind, but better still, we found the ease of deployment, ongoing management, scalability and multi-platform reach enables the university to keep our staff and students safe – 24/7”.

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