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    As a long-established ICT partner to the Stour Academy Trust, Cantium has been able to support the Trust along the road of its digital transformation journey.

    The Trust, comprised of eight schools across Kent, has developed a pedagogical model that is centred on student voice, choice and collaboration, combined with the deployment of technology for every student to deliver personalised and self-paced learning.

    The Trust is in the process of transforming its schools from passive forms of learning focused on direct instruction and memorisation and moving towards interactive methods.

    The challenge

    To equip all learners with the skills required to ensure technology is used efficiently and effectively, the Trust decided it needed to move its IT infrastructure to the cloud.

    Moving systems, the cloud can offer schools a number of benefits including; cost savings, increased security and breaking down barriers often encountered with older systems, such as remote access.

    Moving schools to the cloud can however present several challenges that make the process difficult. Legacy systems and software compatibility, data privacy and security concerns, and limited technical expertise, are all barriers to change.

    The result

    To help make the migration to the cloud as smooth as possible, Cantium supported the Trust’s migration process to O365, as well as its transition to the cloud-based MIS, Arbor.

    Microsoft 365 provides not only cloud based collaborative tools, but a platform that empowers the school community and create virtual spaces and classrooms that can address learning needs, foster future learning skills, all while keeping users safe and their data secure and protected.

    The migrations enabled the Trust to roll out the use of OneNote; as all pupils are provided with iPads instead of workbooks, this was instrumental in the Trust’s teaching and learning strategy. Cantium also ensured the correct licensing was in place for all Microsoft software.

    Cantium also helped to implement Groupcall IDaaS. This created efficiencies by ensuring any updates to staff, students and governors made in their Arbor MIS, automatically updated in O365. With Microsoft Teams in place before the UK lockdown, the Trust were well equipped to pivot to virtual teaching. All eight schools within the Trust are part of one cloud-based network, making it easy for staff to access information securely wherever they are. The migrations have created the best possible infrastructure for future digital development.

    The forward-thinking team at Stour Academy Trust are strong advocators for using digital champions to help embed the latest tech into their school – something which Cantium is advocating through its own digital champion programmewith Kent schools.

    Moving to the cloud can be gradual and specific to a school’s or trust’s requirements. By partnering with Cantium, The Trust has navigated these obstacles effectively.

    Having achieved MIEE status and becoming a showcase school, Stour Academy Trust is helping to lead the way for other schools beginning their cloud transformation journey.

    Katy Gill, IT Lead at The Stour Academy Trust, said: “Cantium is a dedicated professional company that works well with schools to provide a tailored support and service package.”

    Cantium has specialist knowledge in helping school leaders to improve their MIS use through improved solutions, services, specialised training and 1:1 consultancy. To find out more, contact us: info@cantium.solutions


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