• CASE STUDY: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programme saves University 5-7 hours a week

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    North Hennepin Community College

    With 10,750 students, North Hennepin Community College (NHCC) is one of the largest colleges in Minnesota.

    “Our faculty and administrators work in different classrooms, meeting rooms, and campuses” says Joe Swenson, NHCC’s Information Technology Specialist.

    The college IT team has a responsibility to protect sensitive information on personally owned devices such as student grades, strategic plans, and curriculum.

    Popular ways of working on personal devices ran the risk of exposing this information, however. Some employees emailed sensitive work documents to insecure webmail accounts. Some saved grades and student assignments on USB drives, which are easily lost or stolen. Others uploaded curriculum and student assignments to consumer-grade cloud services.

    Allowing staff to bring a tablet and using a Work Container allowed them to hold assignments as well as the Desire2Learn LMS/VLE app for web-based grading and course management.

    Find out how NHC’s BYOD programme saved staff up to 7 hours a week.

    Click here to find out how.


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