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    The education recruitment company Career Teachers has teamed up with TalkingCV to provide job-seeking educators with exciting new employment opportunities.

    Specialising in providing teachers and support staff to schools throughout the Greater London area,
    the company has recognised the importance of creating a video CV to showcase passion and enthusiasm in an increasingly competitive job market.

    As Suzie Butler, head of Candidate Attraction and Marketing, explains:

    “Talking CV has made a big impact. Since we have begun using it, we are able to persuade our candidates to complete an online CV, which saves time and money for all concerned and certainly enhances our candidate’s chances of securing work.

    “Making full use of TalkingCV’s helpful interactive features, we have been able to provide our candidates with a ‘top tips’ guide, which includes information about how to dress for your video CV and interviews, how to snure they record their TalkingCV in a well-lit room, speaking slow and clear and, of course, smiling!

    “TalkingCV is a great product and has improved the service that we provide to schools. It’s also simple and easy to use, from a user and an administrative point of view.”

    To learn more about how to get started with your TalkingCV, click here




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