• Workkola secures Euro 250K seed investment

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    An innovative educational tech marketplace platform Workkola – which connects students looking for job opportunities with startups seeking talent – has achieved a 250,000 Euro seed capital round.

    Workkola currently has over 15,000 students using the service, and collaborates with startups on a daily basis.

    CEO and co-founder Álvaro Mancilla explained: “Here at Workkola we want to change the way talent gets access to work, and work gets access to talent.

    “We’re committed to replacing the old-fashioned resumé with a methodology based on gathering metrics and data on the hard and soft skills of each candidate.

    “Turning intangible aspects such as attitude, personality, communicative skills or leadership capacity into data is the core of this new methodology that we call ‘Talent-Branding’.”

    The new funding will allow Workkola to design a new model merging the company with different education and recruiting applications.


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