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    The global online language learning market to grow at a CAGR of 18.97% during 2017-2022, according to a new report, but cost remains an issue.

    The report, from Research & Markets, which takes an in-depth look at the edtech sub-sector, highlights the key trends driving growth, but also some barriers that need addressing.

    Top of the list is embedded analytical features. Research & Markets says during the early stages of online language learning market, most vendors focused on converting traditional learning content into digital format. As the next stage of development, to ensure learners have access to the appropriate content and to provide individualised learning, vendors began to embed analytics into language learning solutions.

    One major driver is the rise in online language learning start-ups, which have attracted a new cohort of language learners globally. Factors, such as increased capital inflows, coupled with the surge in demand for language education, have contributed to this.

    As things stand, the dominant online language vendors are Berlitz Languages, Linguatronics, Pearson ELT, Sanako and SANS.

    However, the report states that one challenge in the market is high cost of implementation. Online language learning courses are used by educational institutions and language learning centers that require a collaborative learning environment. While larger institutes can afford to invest in e-learning and m-learning programs, and training facilities (such as interactive whiteboards, PCs, and mobile devices) for students, smaller institutions cannot, deterring their use.

    In addition, individual coursework that incorporates small audio clips come with an expensive price tag. Although the subscription cost for these courses is affordable, costs involved in procuring hardware, software, and setting up language labs are high.

    This, the reports says, will pose a challenge to the global online language learning market during the forecast period.


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