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    At Versa we understand the needs of schools and know that the right environment is crucial for delivering an inclusive and streamlined dining experience.

    Our versatile range of fixed and mobile tables helps to maximise space and delivery flexibility without the need for expensive construction or bulky unmanageable furniture.

    In short, we help to create the most optimised dining spaces to suit your own particular requirements using the world’s most time and space-efficient folding dining furniture.

    Take our legendary ‘Wall Pocket’ system as an example. The tables and benches fold neatly into the storage unit fixed to the wall, making this product the most space-efficient solution in the world.

    When needed, the tables and benches can be swiftly unlocked from the storage unit and brought into use. What’s more, they can either be left attached to the storage unit or removed and placed anywhere within the room. That’s total flexibility.

    The mobile ‘Benchmark’ is another highly efficient dining table. Different to other bench and seat units on the market, Benchmark’s clever design enables the tables to nest neatly together when stored which means they take up a lot less storage space – around half the space used by other similar units. This means you can store seating for up to 120 pupils in the floor area of a double bed! You can start thinking right now how you’ll use that extra space in your table storage area!

    Versa will provide a no-cost and no-obligation proposal on how you can maximise the available space at your school and we’ll deliver total peace of mind – in the shape of a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty and ongoing annual maintenance and safety checks.

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