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    Allegion is a global pioneer in safety and security, with leading brands like Briton, CISA, LCN, Schlage, SimonsVoss and Von Duprin.

    Focusing on security around the door and adjacent areas, Allegion produces a range of solutions for schools along with homes, businesses and other institutions. Allegion is a $2.4 billion company, with products sold in almost 130 countries.

    Allegion specialises in innovative security solutions around the doorway, helping to keep people safe and secure where they study, live, work and visit. Systems and solutions include everything from  commercial locks and door closers, to panic exit hardware, door furniture, electronic access control and more.

    Ultimately, Allegion helps its customers to navigate their toughest security challenges. They also assist and guide builders and property owners, helping them to differentiate themselves by providing innovative and secure solutions.

    An all-rounded “operational excellence” approach is a key part of what Allegion do. Their trained specification writers and experts not only help their customers adhere to codes and standards, they also advocate for and raise those security standards in the first place.

    While mechanical hardware is the foundation of the business, Allegion recognise that the future of the security industry lies in addressing the needs of an increasingly connected world. Therefore, electronic solutions aren’t a replacement for mechanical products. Rather, they make them more powerful in collaboration.

    By combining Allegion’s core strength in mechanical security with digital, mobile and interconnected electronic solutions, as well as their expertise in style and design, they are well positioned to help you select the right solution for today, while laying the groundwork for where you want to be tomorrow.



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