• Pandemic: How to be ahead when schools, colleges and universities finally re-open

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    Has anyone asked yet what your recovery strategy is? We have no idea when educational facilities will re-open, but before they do, there will need to be several rock-solid steps put in place to ensure that the health and safety of the pupils, teachers and staff is protected.

    Now is the perfect time to consider such issues. Deep cleaning is something that all premises are likely to need to consider. Bio-misting, offered by Cawleys is one such example. A layer of specially formulated cleaning fluid is lightly sprayed across complete areas. The thin mist easily reaches nooks and crannies that otherwise would be difficult to clean.  Doing your research now whilst facilities are closed will allow you to secure competitive quotes and evaluate the best methods available and the transport miles involved.

    Why do these things matter?

    Firstly, there will be lingering fears of infection. The coronavirus has made us all hyper aware of how infection is transmitted and being able to prove that your facility has been meticulous in deep cleaning will be a huge reassurance to many parents, and staff too.

    Secondly, we have seen a huge increase in focus and care for the environment, even beyond the levels which Greta and Extinction Rebellion heralded before the pandemic.

    The way the natural world is bouncing back while humans are in lockdown (nitrogen dioxide levels down by 50% for example in China and New York) and the way we are all yearning to be outdoors in the natural world means that when life returns to normal, people will want to protect nature more than ever before.

    All this points to a renewed focus on the waste management practices of your school.  Again, now is a good time to reassess them and prepare for fully re-opening your educational facility with the best possible systems in place.

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