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    LocknCharge is a company dedicated to the design, manufacture and functionality of the highest quality security, charging and transport solutions for mobile device deployments.

    Our vision is to be globally recognized as the most innovative and trusted brand in developing solutions for managing deployments of mobile technology. Our mission is to make life easier for schools and organizations implementing mobile device technology.

    The purpose of LocknCharge, and the reason for doing what we do, is to make people’s life easier. Easier for all people that we interact with and sell to. LocknCharge makes products that make life easier for people managing deployments of mobile technology and the people using the mobile technology.

    Mobile technology is deployed for a reason. It is used to teach, to train, to inform, to enable and to entertain. To be effective, and to serve its intended purpose, the technology must be fully operational and accessible at all times. LocknCharge exists to make life easier for the users of the technology by creating solutions that ensure accessibility and usability of the technology at any time.

    Whether your school is deploying 5 or 100,000 mobile devices, LocknCharge offers products and support to integrate technology seamlessly into classroom workflow.

    We specialize facilitating deployment for 1:1, shared use, check-in/out and BYOD programs. Our charging solutions are designed to store, charge and secure your mobile devices with ease.



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