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    Global warming is a ‘hot topic’ right now, and the ways in which the youth of today think about their actions and the impact they have on the environment is more important than ever. Thankfully, due to the great work that has been done educating our young people, it is often second nature to today’s younger generations to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

    In an educational setting this is particularly true, and it is vital that we keep up this good work by continually engaging with students of all ages on all things ‘green’.

    When it comes to waste, this is an area we can all control. No matter how young, the rights and wrongs of littering, wastefulness, and the importance of recycling is ingrained in modern day pupils. This receptiveness is something that all education settings can build upon.

    Novelty recycling bins, awareness days, litter picks, green teams and engaging with groups such as ‘Surfers against Sewage’ are just some of the initiatives that can be used. However, schools, colleges and universities also need to show that they are practicing what they preach. There is no point teaching kids and young people the value of recycling without providing them with the right means to do so.

    Providers such as Cawleys not only offer segregated ways to recycle paper, card, food, glass, and plastic, with clear signage and separate bins, they also offer general waste recycling. This ensures black bag mixed rubbish is thoroughly sorted in a materials recycling facility (MRF). This MRF uses a series of sieves, blowers, magnets and hand-pickers to pull out recyclables from all manner of general waste with any surplus put to good use as refuse derived fuel.

    Cawleys even offer MRF tours so that students from primary level, right up to university, can see for themselves how sustainable waste control solutions really work.

    To find out more or book a tour for your school or university contact us at www.cawleys.co.uk/contacts.


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