• G7 summit leaders commit $3bn to girls’ education

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    Canada has used the G7 Summit to confirm it will lead efforts to provide $2.9bn to help educate the world’s poorest girls and women in partnership with other members.

    Contributors to the fund include Germany, Japan, the UK, the EU and the World Bank, with the money helping to ‘fund equal access to education and learning opportunities in countries across the globe’.

    The Canadian government said the initiative represented “the single largest investment in education for women and girls in crisis and conflict situations”, and could help educate more than eight million children and teenagers.

    Canada itself is committing $310 million over three years, while the UK will add $250 million and the World Bank $2 billion.

    Individual goals include:

    • Equip women and girls with the skills needed for the jobs of the future
    • Improve training for teachers to provide a better curriculum for women and girls
    • Improve the quality of available data on women’s and girls’ education
    • Promote greater coordination between humanitarian and development partners
    • Support innovative education methods, especially for vulnerable and hard-to-reach groups, including refugees and displaced people
    • Support developing countries in efforts to provide equal opportunities for girls to complete at least 12 years of quality education, from primary to secondary school

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