• FREE TRIAL: 6 ways teachers love to use the HUE HD Pro classroom camera or visualiser

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    As technology in classrooms advances in leaps and bounds, visualisers are fast becoming a standard piece of equipment in every classroom. Why do teachers love them so much and how do they use them?

    As a microscope One of the most engaging uses for the document camera is to create curiosity by showing images very close-up that otherwise would not be seen in the classroom. HUE’s powerful 10x magnification lens combined with projection equipment makes really tiny objects appear large on the screen for all to see.

    To develop presentation skills Learning to work with a visualiser is the perfect introduction to making presentations and develops key communication skills. Students love showcasing their work and the HUE Pro makes this a reality.

    To learn together Whole class learning is back in fashion and visualisers allow the teacher to show common pitfalls and best practice amongst students. Knowing what an example of good work looks like is a powerful tool with which to provide your students. (WAGOLL)

    For taking pictures Never underestimate the ability to take a simple snapshot. The HUE HD Pro will take a photo on keypress or triggered by either movement or at a pre-determined interval. Students need never miss an event again such as a chick hatching or a flower opening.

    Video Doc-casting (a bit like podcasting) is combining the creation of instructional videos using your doc cam with the ability to share the content in any way you choose. Provide your video prior to the lesson and precious in-class time can be reserved for discussion, experiments or one-on-one time. Students can replay and review the clip in their own time, pausing and rewinding as necessary.  Welcome to the Flipped Classroom!  Live video chat with other schools is also possible from within the software. Using the camera as a simple webcam, simply switch over to Skype and start sharing experiences with other schools.

    Stop Motion Animation and the Six Cs Requiring additional software, stop-motion animationis a movie-making technique where one image (frame) is captured at a time. The object is moved very slightly before capturing the next image, a process which is repeated many times. When the images are replayed in sequence the object appears to move on its own, creating the illusion of movement. Students construct, explain and create videos, and become authors and producers of their own knowledge, rather than passive recipients of classroom lessons. The technique combines the 21stCentury skills of collaboration, communication, content-creation, critical thinking, creativity and confidence.

    They say that the best things in life are free, well we have come up with the next best thing which is a FREE TRIAL of our award-winning visualiser so that you can try before you buy!

    How does it work? Simply send us your school contact details and colour choice and we’ll send you the product within 48 hours.

    Try it for 30 days and if you’d like to keep it we’ll invoice you or if it doesn’t meet your needs you can return it in the pre-paid return envelope.




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