• The Family Hope Center embarks on SEN global teaching tour

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    Kicking off last month in South Africa, International Special Needs organisation The Family Hope Center launched the first of seven three-day Parent Training Conferences around the globe, each helping parents stimulate their child’s development.

    During each conference, specialists and clinicians guide parents through an understanding of the complex brain, emphasising practical ways they can improve their child’s quality of life.

    “Understanding a child and his or her neurology is central to aiding his or her development,” said Matthew Newell, Director and Founder of The Family Hope Center. “Parents work hard enough. We strive to help them work smarter for their children, not harder. By helping parents understand their children’s neurology, we allow them to focus their time and energy into the areas that will have the greatest impact on their family.”

    During each Parent Training Conference, parents are encouraged to engage in lessons, demonstrations and discussions about their child’s neurology, as well as a primer on the medicines and therapies that enhance their children’s intellectual, physical, sensory, auditory, emotional and social skills.

    “Now in our 15th year, we continue, as always, to build on a child’s existing abilities,” said Newell. “Our doctors and clinicians across 14 fields of medicine and therapies use a comprehensive scientific approach tailored to address the root causes of each child’s specific neurological delays. As soon as a child shows improvement, we build upon this progress with additional routines empowering the child to catch up with their peers developmentally.”

    The reminder of The Family Hope Center’s 2017 teaching schedule includes:

    • United States: March 14-16
    • United Kingdom: March 27-29
    • United States: June 13-15
    • Ireland: September 8-10
    • United States: October 10-12
    • United States: December 5-7

    The Family Hope Center offers interactive webinars and supplemental learning opportunities throughout the year.



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