• University of Derby consults Students’ Union on decision making

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    The University of Derby has held the first meeting of its Student Experience Learning and Teaching Committee (SELTC), a new forum combining the Student Experience, and Learning, Teaching and Enhancement sub-committees, and co-chaired by the Students’ Union.

    The SELTC is split into three parts – the first is an hour long seminar where any member of the committee can suggest a topic.

    The second is chaired by Professor Malcolm Todd (pictured, right), Pro Vice-Chancellor for Student Experience, and mainly deals with University-led agenda items, while the third is chaired by the SU’s Vice President for Academic Affairs, with the agenda items coming from the students.

    “The University of Derby is introducing a wide range of changes enabling us to work in closer partnership with students,” said Todd. “I do not see students as the consumers of an educational product, but rather as collaborators in an exciting and challenging academic endeavour. The creation of this new jointly chaired high level University committee reflects that commitment to place students at the heart of our deliberative and decision making structures.”

    Chris Batten (pictured, left), University of Derby Students’ Union Vice President for Academic Affairs, said: “The introduction of this new committee highlights the University of Derby’s dedication to innovation, continuous improvement, and partnership with the Students’ Union in the area of student experience.

    “A genuine and informed student voice, based on a foundation of evidence, is paramount to the success of this new committee and the Students’ Union is absolutely committed to using SELTC to ensure that voice rings through.

    “We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to meaningfully co-chair a major space in the University structure, and we hope to see this practice succeed and grow into other areas of the University.”



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