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    Pocketalk changed the game in the world of translation in the UK, when they launched its Pocketalk W product in early 2019. Well, the designers at manufacturers Sourcenext have not been idle in the meantime. The company has announced the UK launch of Pocketalk S – an even faster, more impressive, and frankly, more beautiful device.

    Pocketalk is already in use by both students and teachers alike around the world. With a growing number of students from different countries in the classroom the challenges of language (and the barriers it can create) have increased – often with parents as much as with the students themselves. Pocketalk allows teachers to have those valuable conversations, and communicate with parents and pupils from cultures around the globe.

    As well as providing incredibly accurate conversation translation (in 74 languages!) that leaves phone apps trailing in its wake, Pocketalk impressively also now translates text. With an in-built camera, you can simply snap the text, you want – even whole paragraphs – and receive an immediate accurate translation into 55 languages. Truly impressive stuff!

    Another exciting step forward is the introduction of an AI learning assistant for language students. Pocketalk includes a range of scenarios where the student can practice their skills with an AI counterpart. Take for example the aeroplane setting. The student has a conversation with a stewardess asking them what they would like to have for dinner – offering a few simple choices. The student can then practice their language skills by exploring the different options with the fictional host. So, now the classroom can be taken home in your pocket!

    Pocketalk ‘S’ also features a currency conversion tool (with real time rates) and weight, temperature and length calculator as well. Perhaps not as useful for the classroom, but a really neat additional tool.

    The new Pocketalk S is available now at Selfridges or on Amazon for single purchase, but if you have any requirements for your school then please contact the EDU team at d-bastone@sourcenext.com for more information and volume pricing.


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