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    After successful completion of a ‘competitive’ application process, five schools across England have been awarded vital funding from the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) and the Institute for Effective Education (IEE) to become ‘Research Schools’ – building a larger network of regional schools to support overall teaching and learning.

    The Hungtindon School in York; Kingsbridge Community College, Devon; Shireland Collegiate Academy, Sandwell; Kyra Teaching School Alliance, Lincoln; and Aspirer Teaching School Alliance, Macclesfield are all recognised as leaders in bridging between education research and everyday classroom practice. The Research Schools will apply their vast expertise to advise others on:

    • Develop innovative ways of improving learning and teaching processes; as well as provide schools in their region with the expertise in evaluating the impact of the improvements.
    • Encouraging the use of ‘evidence-based programmes’ and practices through organising regular events and keeping open lines of communication.
    • Administering professional development and training for senior teachers and leaders on how to advance classroom practice based on the best available evidence.

    Director of the Institute for Effective Education, Professor Bette Chambers, said: “There is increasing demand from the profession for evidence-based programmes and practices to help teachers ensure the success of their pupils. It is heartening to see the strong leadership that these first five Research Schools are bringing to this endeavour.”

    The EEF and IEE will appoint a further five Research Schools in 2016-17 to ensure more institutions are provided the opportunity to be supported by the expertise within these networks. Each of the ten schools will also receive a £200,000 bonus over the next three years.


    Find out more about the Research Schools Network here



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