• Parent-teacher social network to boost tracker app

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    A new website has launched to improve home-school communications.

    Target Tracker Link, by EES for Schools, is a parent-teacher social network site that aims to boost parental engagement with education, while offering a reduced workload for teaching staff.

    Customising the way parents can see observations, schools can notify guardians and other family via email when updates become available.

    The website is accessible across platforms and devices, allowing for parents to keep track of a child’s progress regardless of location.

    The site was launched to accompany the already released Target Tracker software already used by around 25% of schools in the country, as well as the iOS Target Tracker mobile app.

    “The lives of both teachers and parents are becoming increasingly busy,” said Chris Smith, Head of Target Tracker at EES for Schools, explaining that the aim of the site is to “to reduce the workload of teachers by streamlining the evidencing progress and getting parents on-board throughout the year to ensure that all of their pupils are developing well both in and out of the classroom.”


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