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    In My Secret #Edtech Diary, published by John Catt Educational, industry veteran Al Kingsley (pictured) aims to shine a light on educational technology through the widest possible lens.

    The book reflects on the history of EdTech, lessons learned pre- and post-Covid, best practice suggestions, and questions to consider on how to select the right solutions when planning the future role of EdTech in school.

    Kingsley shares his 30+ years’ experience developing and using EdTech products with links to research and insights from trusted peers. He includes perspectives from teachers and vendors and developers, advice for budding EduPreneurs, guidance for schools considering how to co-produce technology solutions with vendors, and advice about how to make the right choices.

    In the first section of the book, Kingsley unpicks the background, history and preconceptions about the effective use of EdTech, providing a useful glossary of keywords to help navigate the multitude of acronyms.

    Section two discusses lessons learned, especially during the past year, and looks into ways EdTech has shaped digital skills, innovation, communication and wellbeing from the perspectives of the learner, educator, leadership and governance.

    In section three the focus is flipped over to the point of view of vendors, to provide a wider-view of the challenges, expectations and thought processes of vendors and developers.

    Section four looks at forward planning based on reflections and lessons learned, shaping the best way to use and engage with technology, and developing a digital strategy.

    The final section includes reflections on feedback, key questions and the top 10 blogs, podcasts, events and books. Each section includes articles dedicated to the particular strand and provide additional information and context.

    Kingsley said, “In an effort to make EdTech accessible for all, the book is written for all levels of experience, so even a technology novice can gain an easy and accessible overview of EdTech, what the trending terms mean, what questions to ask and to empower them join the debate confident and from a position of knowledge. When appropriate, and used effectively, EdTech can truly be the jam in the learning sandwich. Enjoy!”

    To celebrate the launch of ‘My Secret #EdTech Diary’, on July 14th, Al Kingsley will be joined by a panel of edtech experts to discuss EdTech and its future.

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