• LGfL launches Cybersecurity Schools Audit with NCSC

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    Educational not-for-profit London Grid for Learning (LGfL) is working with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) to launch an audit of the state of cybersecurity in UK schools

    The aim is to generate a snapshot of the protections in place across the sector.

    Open until the 30th April, the results of the audit will be announced nationwide in early summer 2019.

    Following the threat posed by increasingly sophisticated online attacks, often conducted via the spread of malware or phishing, LGfL is working with NCSC to help meet this challenge through gaining an accurate overview of the current level of cybersecurity protections and training present in schools.

    The information gained through the audit will be used to shape national policy and inform both training and technological provision, allowing multi-agency solutions to be developed in responding to this increasingly prominent issue.

    This latest initiative is launched under LGfL CyberCloud, the mission of which is to take a long-term holistic approach to keeping schools secure.

    Mark Bentley, Safeguarding & Cybersecurity Manager at LGfL, said, “It is clear that as technology continues to strengthen teaching and learning in schools, the threats which come from being increasingly online are also growing. This audit presents us with an unprecedented opportunity to gain insight into the current state of cybersecurity in UK schools, which in turn will help us to develop solutions and practices that enable schools to better protect their online assets.

    “We are proud to be working with experts in the field of cybersecurity, the National Cyber Security Centre, to launch this audit. I would encourage all schools to visit our website and spend five minutes completing the questionnaire to help schools across the UK benefit from the findings, which will be announced nationwide later this year.”

    To learn more and take part in the CyberSecurity Schools Audit 2019 please visit http://securityaudit.lgfl.net.


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