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    The National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) has announced that it will create guidance for all LGBT staff in light of recent research from Stonewall indicating that 90 per cent of LGBT students have been bullied because of their gender or sexuality; with many battling depression and anxiety.

    The organisation will be inviting a number of teaching unions and LGBT organisations to come up with advice focusing on key areas, such as; how to support LGBT staff members, how to create an ‘inclusive’ environment, and how to feel open about sexuality and gender identity in schools.

    The NAHT said in a statement: “LGBT staff can provide an important role model for pupils and act as a force for change; children who see school staff being open and authentic about who they are may be more likely to believe that they will be accepted and welcomed into the diverse community of the school. However, this positive impact is only the case if they see those members of staff being treated with the same respect as others.”

    If you are interested in supporting this work, please contact Valentine.mulholland@naht.org.uk


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