• Level up your professional skills during lockdown with these online courses

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    During these times of great uncertainty, one thing we all have more of is time. So why not use it to learn new skills and improve existing ones with our newly available and unlimited annual courses?

    These are specially-curated online courses for Education professionals designed to help you and your team improve expertise and learn new things.

    The Education & Social Care Skills online learning bundle provides you with over 50 courses, that cover all areas of both professional and personal development:

    • Lesson Planning for Teachers Certification
    • Managing Classroom Behaviour Certification
    • Self-harm Awareness Certification
    • Self-harm Awareness Certification
    • Mental Health Awareness Certification
    • Mental Wellbeing in Children and Young People Certification
    • EYFS Teaching Certification Level 3
    • Managing Emotions at Work Certification
    • Managing Your Workload Certification
    • Child Neglect Awareness Certification
    • Child Protection Certification

    And many more!

    Find out more and purchase your course online here.

    For just £99 (usually £149), you can share the courses with your colleagues over a 12-month period.

    Additionally, there are a variety of bundles available on all spectrums;

    • Personal & Professional Development
    • Healthcare
    • Sports & Personal Development
    • Human Resources
    • Customer Services
    • Health & Safety
    • Education & Social Care Skills
    • Sales & Marketing
    • IT & Personal Development

    Book your courses today and come out of this stronger and more skilled!


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