• Lenovo offers ed tech consulting to UK schools

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    Lenovo has begun offering consulting services to support schools in strategic planning and professional development for educators.

    The company has also introduced its ThinkVision S-Series interactive Large Format Display, a purpose-built tool to facilitate integrating technology in the classroom.

    The Lenovo Ed Tech Consulting Services will support schools in expanding their digital ecosystems to better implement innovative education with new technologies that are changing the workforce students are graduating into.

    In short, Lenovo says its customers will be better supported to identify and deploy the right technologies to meet students’ educational needs and address the transformational challenges educators face when adopting new technologies into the classrooms and curriculums, “through the provision of innovative lesson plans, digital literacy skills, and pedagogical shifts.”

    Lenovo’s strategic planning services will include evaluating and assessing current digital learning capabilities, setting goals and initiatives, then helping to implement a tangible, long-term action plan for intelligent transformation in education. As technology continues to change, Lenovo says it will work closely with educational leaders to empower and support their institutions to better prepare students to work in the knowledge economy.

    Lenovo is collaborating with the Tablet Academy in select EMEA markets and Education Elements in the United States. Staffed with professional educators, the ed tech consultancies offer the expertise required to help transform learning with smarter technology.

    Lenovo is also supporting the Intel Skills for Innovation Initiative (SFI), which helps schools integrate future ready skillsets and mindsets like computational and design thinking into their teaching. With a library of high quality, pre-designed, technology-infused content, educators can easily integrate the SFI lessons into the core subject areas. The initiative offers professional development resources for teachers to help them become leaders of technology-infused learning experiences and facilitators of future-ready skill building. SFI also includes a strategic planning toolkit to help guide school decision makers to create more resilient learning environments.

    Lenovo provides schools with the Intel-powered devices, from Chromebooks to workstations, necessary to engage in innovative lessons.

    Finally, Lenovo’s new ThinkVision S-Series interactive Large Format Display (iLFD) can be deployed in education environments. An evolved take on a classic teaching tool, this front-of-room monitor features natural low blue light technology to support student and teacher eye health, and a bright screen with precise color performance to keep students engaged.

    Available in two sizes (65” and 75”), Lenovo claims the new ThinkVision iLFD is more than a digital whiteboard. Compatible with Lenovo’s ThinkCentre Tiny PCs or the ThinkCentre M60q Chromebox that slide into the built-in, cableless slot on the back of the screen, the iLFD also supports personal devices.


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