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    TG Escapes was founded in 2003 with the aim of creating stylish buildings for homes, schools and businesses using timber frame and offsite construction methods. The buildings use sustainable and natural materials wherever possible and can cost as little as £1500 per square metre.

    The team is now over 30 strong and includes architects, surveyors and project managers complemented by dedicated structural engineers, technicians and craftsmen. Together, we manage the entire process from the free initial survey, and design, to planning approval and the build itself to give our customers a beautiful, bespoke building that fits perfectly with their chosen location and individual needs. To date, we have completed over 700 buildings.

    The environment, and how to look after it, has always been at the forefront of our minds. We are committed to using eco-friendly materials, methods and technologies to create ecologically sound and sustainable buildings. A significant consequence of the way in which our buildings are constructed, is that they are highly energy efficient.

    Our insulation material is not only highly effective, but also one of the most environmentally sustainable products available in today’s market. Our floor to ceiling windows and doors are made with low E glass, are double glazed and are specially coated to minimize heat emissions: they bathe the rooms in brilliant natural light so, even on gloomy days, the need for artificial lighting is minimal. We can incorporate a sedum roof, solar panels or even a wind turbine to bring energy bills close to zero.

    TG Escapes buildings are used for classrooms, sports pavilions, offices, training facilities, music and dance studios, canteens, leisure facilities, chapels and are particularly popular for SEND provision. Often but not exclusively clad in cedar, customers enjoy the connection with, and views of, nature which can have a significant impact on well being and improve educational outcomes in schools.

    We run a tree planting program for schools in partnership with reforestation initiative, EcoMatcher who plant our forests in Uganda. These trees are gifted to schools and students can track and chat to the trees, engaging them in the idea of sustainability, in a real, positive way. We gift 10 trees for every proposal we provide and a forest for each finished building.

    The project has three aims;

    1. To engage students in the challenges facing the planet and increase their awareness of the need for sustainable living.
    2. To partially offset a school’s carbon emissions.
    3. To support farmers and their families in Uganda who have had their livelihoods damaged by extensive deforestation, in support of the rights respecting schools agenda.

    Overall it serves to provide hope at a time of environmental despair and to give a school’s community a sense of positive action.

    Recent projects include a sports pavilion at Holy Cross Prep School, twin dance studios at Hendon School, a state of the art canteen at St Bernards Grammar School and a multi room block at Shotton Hall Academy.

    Tel – 0800 9177726   Email – info@tgescapes.co.uk


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