• Government provides £2.4bn for school repairs and extra places

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    The UK government has made £2.5 billion available to fund school building repairs and to aid the creation of 600,000 more places for pupils by 2021.

    The announcement was made by Education Secretary Justine Greening (pictured), but has been criticised by headteachers for doing little to alleviate the ‘black hole’ in school running costs.

    In fact, the funds do not represent new money that has been made available – the sum is actually part of funding made available during the 2015 spending review.

    There will be £1.4 billion allocated to school improvements specifically, which is estimated to include up to 1,500 individual building projects.

    The rest of the money will be used to create places, some of which will feature as part of the government’s controversial plan to bring back selective grammar schools.


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