• Educational establishments should invest in an auto tracking camera – Here’s why

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    By Rene Buhay, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, AVer Europe

    As technology improves, and distance learning becomes a popular choice for learning, auto tracking camera solutions enables organisations of all sizes to easily recreate an in-class experience for online learners.

    Using a single camera for distance learning is severely limited, as it only provides a narrow field of view, which means you only have the option of showing the teacher’s face.

    Auto tracking cameras change the game by allowing the teacher freedom to move around the room to help students or bring models, experiments, and whiteboard content into play, all while being automatically tracked.

    With an AVer PTC500S , with three tracking modes, there’s no need for carrying or wearing devices, as it uses advanced facial detection and image movement analysis to lock onto the presenter. If you use the PTC500S, Multi-Presenter Detection also enables students to work at the front of the class without disrupting tracking.

    For Live Streaming

    Whether you’re broadcasting a graduation ceremony or an online course, the authenticity of livestreaming makes it an extremely useful tool for making remote participants feel fully engaged. If you want to maintain a professional level of production quality in your livestreams but don’t have the resources to hire a whole production crew, an auto tracking camera is all you need.

    Let’s say you want to start an online show to teach people new cooking techniques. If you happen to be a star chef like Gordon Ramsay, you can hire a camera crew to follow you around your kitchen set; however, chances are you don’t have the staff or budget to pull that off. That’s where the PTC500S comes in, automatically tracking you all around the kitchen without the need for a camera operator. Become a YouTube education sensation all by yourself!

    To save money

    As the word “auto” implies, these types of cameras eliminate the need for huge expenditures on control rooms. It’s also unnecessary to hire experienced (but expensive) camera operators and technicians. The PTC500S is especially intuitive, with tutorials built in to its interface to make it super easy and convenient. Even the most technologically challenged teachers can set up automatic tracking by themselves without losing class preparation time.

    From high school classrooms to university lecture halls and beyond, auto tracking is upgrading learning experiences. This innovative technology keeps organizations up-to-date with the latest education trends and is a cost-effective investment.

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