• Recent examples of modular timber framed construction providing dance studios and canteen

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    Timber framed buildings can be seen in schools up and down the country providing classrooms, office space, training rooms and special needs spaces. Many may be less aware of just how flexible an offsite modular building system can be. TG Escapes have provided buildings for chapels, sports halls, 2 storey classroom blocks and most recently a café for St Bernard’s Grammar School and twin dance studios at Hendon School.

    St Bernard’s needed to upgrade their canteen to accommodate more students and were attracted by TG Escapes buildings. They looked at various options but for them the style of the building stood out as it was going to be a prominent feature of the school. The modular build process also appealed as it meant less disruption on site whilst the school was still running.

    “The facility is a vast improvement on our previous canteen and also the space can be used outside service times.” Matt Devereux, Facilities Manager.

    Dance and Drama are key strengths of Hendon School rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted, but their existing facilities were outgrown and old.

    The project was partly funded by ESFA’s Condition Improvement Fund. Barker Associates assisted the school with the application process and were appointed to develop and manage the project. The budget and timing were tight for the facilities required, and so an economical design solution was required.

    TG Escapes’ approach reduced the onsite construction period, and within just six months two new 90 sqm dance studios and ancillary spaces, replaced the dilapidated temporary building which was previously used by the Arts and Drama Faculty. The completed building was handed over in August 2019, and operational for the beginning of the school year.

    Speaking at the new studio opening Craig Maguire, Acting Head, stated, ‘Dance and drama are a central part of Hendon School’s offering. Our talented students can now utilise this wonderful building to practice and further develop their skills and unleash their creativity.’

    In summary timber frame offsite construction is suitable for buildings small or large. Not only does it produce a great looking building, but with a smart use of PV can achieve an A+ energy rating. Most importantly the biophilic design principles incorporating natural materials and maximising natural light, helps connect students and staff to nature improving educational outcomes and well-being.

    For more information call 0800 890196 or email mailto:info@tgescapes.co.uk.


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