Vikki Liogier, National Head of EdTech and Digital Skills

“The Digital Divide”

To explore the digital divide in the UK, assessing how disparities in digital access, skills, and AI technology impact socio-economic opportunities, and to propose collaborative solutions for achieving digital inclusion.

  • To Define the Digital Divide: We will establish a clear understanding of what the digital divide is, its current state in the UK, and the primary areas affected—accessibility, connectivity, digital skills, and device availability.
  • To Explore the Impact of AI: We will investigate how AI technology might exacerbate the digital divide, discussing both the risks of increased inequality and the potential for AI to offer solutions.
  • To Highlight Essential Digital Skills: We will discuss the essential digital skills needed for individuals to effectively participate in the digital world, emphasising the importance of upskilling and reskilling to enhance social mobility and economic equality.
  • To Propose Solutions for Bridging the Gap: We will suggest and discuss strategic approaches and collaborative efforts needed to overcome the digital divide, focusing on accessibility, education, and policy initiatives.

Laura Knight, Digital Education & AI Consultant – Sapio Ltd

“Future School: Reimagining educational innovation in the AI era”

This session is a high-level, thought-provoking exploration of the present and the future, which will engage attendees in discussion about the potential impacts of AI on the evolution of education, and how they can harness it in their digital strategy.

  • Values and purpose: playing the infinite game
  • Key concepts in the AI Revolution: agency, creativity, truth, integrity, and trust
  • Strategic approaches to AI opportunities, benefits, risks, and challenges
  • Redefining excellence: What does positive disruption look like with AI? What is our next milestone?