Ed Fairfield, Vice Chair, NAACE – The Education Technology Association

“It’s the little things – wellbeing, edtech and more”

We often hear talk about ‘transforming the classroom’, but this isn’t what we need. From EdTech to wellbeing to time management, smaller tweaks, tips and tricks can make all the difference.

  • Transformation and change – the current agenda for many
  • How can little tweaks in how we use technology help?
  • Wellbeing in education – transformation or iterative improvement?
  • Listen and learn – how have others improved through making small changes?

Alex Atherton – Leadership Coach, Atherton Consultancy Ltd

“Gen Z (years of birth 1995-2009) are different. In order to recruit, retain and motivate them leaders and organisations need to adapt. Former secondary schools headteacher and Gen Z expert Alex Atherton will show you how.”

  • The concept of ‘generations’ and why they matter
  • Key characteristics Z
  • Actions organisations can take recruit and retain the best of this generation

Mike Lloyd, Founder – LearnTech.io

“Learning in the Age of Artificial Intelligence”

With AI becoming a major driving force across all aspects of society, equipping individuals with AI literacy is crucial. Understanding AI empowers students, educators, and decision-makers to navigate the AI-driven landscape effectively, ensuring a sustainable, informed, and prosperous future.

  • Generative AI: The world of work and the foundations education and being disrupted by AI and especially by Generative AI.
  • Democratizing AI Understanding: Demystifying AI is essential. Until it is part of everyone’s education AI will be done to those who don’t understand it by those who do
  • Education’s Role: AI can revolutionize education by enhancing curriculum relevance, fostering critical thinking, and cultivating algorithmic problem-solving skills, and by making curricula engaging and relevant.
  • Transforming Learning: AI facilitates personalized learning experiences and offers powerful tools that enable learners to learn effectively, efficiently and in a way that is relevant to a rapidly changing world.
  • Empowering Educators: AI assists teachers with powerful tools to automate tasks, obtain insights, and enhance the educational process

Susan Armstrong, CEO, Susan Armstrong Training & Development

“Creating Learning That Sticks”

The world of education has changed. Virtual and hybrid learning are not going away. This session will bring you the latest trends in how to create learning that sticks, when the attention span of students is diminishing.

  • Discover the latest trends in virtual and in-person education
  • Learn how to create interactive sessions that hold student’s attention
  • Explore the biggest mistakes teachers make when it comes to creating lesson plans
  • Discuss different types of instruction and their effectiveness